Matching Puppies

I promise to go through the applications this weekend.  The weekend starts for me tomorrow, as I’m taking a Friday off.  First, some other club members are coming over to re-inventory the SOKC equipment trailer but after that I’ll be free. The current issue of the on-line magazine AKC Breeder which just appeared in my inbox has a well-timed article titled “Matching Your Puppies With the Best Prospective Homes”.  Included is a sample questionnaire which has some questions I hadn’t thought of.  One of those was about swimming pools and as one of our grand-puppies was lost to a pool accident in 2004, it is probably one I will add.

At 10 days old, the puppies are beginning to motorvate around and interact with each other.  Unfortunately, they are still blind.  This leads to some interesting collisions and positioning.


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