Puppy Puzzle

Question: How many puppies will fit in a a small box?

Answer: Nine puppies

The puppies have been on cedar chips for the last couple of days. Cedar makes for nice, clean, good-smelling puppies. Once they start eating real food, they make more mess. In another week they will graduate to two 4′ x 4′ puppy boxes in the dog room: one with cedar and one with pads. The puppies quickly learn to keep the pad side clean and potty in the cedar. Our idea this time was to start them with a small box of cedar but that didn’t work out. Hannah was convinced that the small box was the bed, so that’s how we left it.

Speaking of eating: the puppies are still on Hannah though she is getting longer break periods.  They  have been being fed 2x per day, and I’ll increase that to 3x this weekend.  Each meal is now up to a 1 lb chub of ground turkey, 2 scoops of powdered goat milk, and warm water to desired consistency.  They have little teeth now, so will begin getting chewable things soon.

You will notice that the puppy cam is dark at night now.   The camera is still on 24 hours, but I turn the light off at bedtime which is generally around 10 our time.  The other night I forgot to turn on the lamp over them earlier, and the cam is fuzzy in low light.

The puppies are about ready for visitors now.  Jamie and Catherine are coming for the 4th, so they will get play time then for sure.  And by then, they will be able to make their first foray out-of-doors.

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