Table Training

Going-on four weeks, so it’s time to start acting like “big kids”. I first tried setting the timer on the camera and then running to the table, but got mixed results. Thanks to Tom for helping with the chore.

Here’s Katie. Pretty girl, and cute as a bug.


Show side. Doesn’t she have bright brindle cheeks?


Off side. You can’t see here, but her tail is black.


Louie is the “Cartman” of the litter.

Tom was calling him “Bubble Boy.”

He’s almost too fat to stand up. Pretty, though.

By contrast, Mason is the smallest of the boys.

He’s got a decent topline, when I get him stacked.

And his off-side.

Nate is the other biggun’ of the bunch.

He loves being held and cuddled.

I think he resembles Mom more than Dad, but that he’ll be quite masculine.

Some times puppy pick their own names. She was supposed to be “Opal” . . .


But somehow she has become “Olga”.

Very nice girl, in spite of one little thing . . .

And here’s little Poppy.

Plainer face, but nice little girl.

Pretty markings otherwise.


You get a bonus shot of this one. Quinne is one of those playdough puppies that you can do anything with.


She keeps telling me that her name is “Elspeth”, not “Quinne”.

I’m not sure where she came up with that. Maybe she thinks it sounds like a Princess name?

Katie = Wally and Quinne = Hannah?

I really like Rosie. And she’s more than just a pretty face.

Not bad for 3-1/2 weeks old.


It’s ok: you can chew on me.

Yes, it’s “SLIVER” like a bit of wood. Not quite “Silver.”

Blue-eyed little boy.

His dad’s blue and his mom’s black. He’s just a “muddy” blue.

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