I made a few last pictures of the puppies this morning before we split them up to bring some of them back home. This is most likely the last time they will all be together.

The entire group of nine

This blue thing came back with me

Katie is now Gidget, to be registered as C-Myste Baledwr Starrynight (or whatever fits) Surfer Girl. Ah, I just realized that one of the boys has to be “Moondoggie”.  Louie?


This puppy stayed at Megan’s house.

In a couple of weeks Louie will be going to live with Jamie and Catherine and his grandma Phoebe.  My first suggestion for a registered name for him was “Wipeout”.

This puppy came back with us

Mason is going to move to Chico, California and be a show puppy for new mom Lindsey Wallace.


This puppy stayed at Megan’s

This happy, happy, smiling Nate-puppy is going to be a show boy.  I think that I know where he’s going but she hasn’t told me “yes” for sure.  If not, he’ll go up to Mandy’s to grow up for a while.


This puppy came back with us

Opie!   She’ll be going to live with Ruth Mary Harrop in Nevada City, CA.


This puppy stayed at Megan’s

Poppy is still looking for her new family.  She’s a cute and active little girl who should have an owner with dog experience.

“It’s ok Poppy, you’ll find someone soon.”


This blue puppy stayed at Megan’s

Quinne is now “Summer” short for “Summertime Blues”.  Isn’t that perfect?


This puppy came back with us

Rosie will be moving to San Francisco to be BFF to Amber Peterson.


This puppy came back with us

Sliver is moving to Sonoma to join the family of Danny & Desiree Garon.

Sliver in corgi-rug position

Spin the bottle

New puppy owners: empty plastic water bottles are great and inexpensive puppy toys.  They Crunch.

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