Equal Time for Puppies

The last weekend of having all 9 puppies. They grow up so fast.  The last few days they’ve been able to spend some time in the dog yard in the mornings and late evenings.  It’s too hot mid-day.  We carefully rigged shiny silver shade cloth over the exposed area of a kennel so as to be hawk resistant.

The long-suffering Hannah shouldn't have anything left, but they still try. And she lets them.

Opie: "I've got my daddy, nannee, nannee . . ."

So sweet when they're asleep.

Count down to lift-off. We have some ears that won't need much or any taping.

Oh, you again? Yes, her name has become "Opie" though we both have a tendency to call her "Oops".

Louie the Lunk with his bootiful bloo eyes.

Pick you up? Again? Why?

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