Phoebe Report

Catherine submits a Phoebe update:

Phoebe is settling in pretty well. She has already picked out her favorite napping spot (behind the corner chair in the living room). She also likes hanging out under my desk. I think she’s enjoying having a real yard, and the cats have gotten used to her being here, although they’re still a bit wary of her. –C (P.S. these pictures were taken on my NEW PHONE…!!!)

Phoebe exploring her new back yard

I replied that it was (ahem) quieter around here without Phoebe to which Catherine responded: “Imagine that. It’s quite a bit louder around here!”

On the deck

Umm, new Phoebe den?

And note the comment about new phones. Yes after visiting us last weekend, there are two more happy Incredible owners in the family.

The natural habitat of Cardigans: under computer desks

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