The Puppies Entertain Guests

Jamie and Catherine came to visit for the 4th of July weekend. The residents are always happy to see their extended family.

Molly and Huxley hit Jamie’s lap at the same instant.

Yesterday the puppies got their first taste of the outside. They weren’t exactly free puppies though as I am paranoid about the pair of Red-Tail Hawks nesting just across the road.

In the puppy pen

Katie’s ears are going to be up soon. Without help!

Sleeping on a warm summer afternoon

Some puppies are very photogenic

Nate and Katie probably get more than their share of camera time

Back in the house after the big afternoon of play:

Slither – oops, I mean Sliver – that couldn’t be comfortable!

Sisters make the best pillows: Quinne and Poppy

And big news: Phoebe went on an adventure. She went home with Jamie and Catherine to try out the dog yard at their new house and to help train their kitties.   Catherine and Phoebe have always been fond of each other.

Bye, Phoebe! See you in three weeks.


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