Think Good Thoughts for Grandpa-Uncle Klark

Jenny wrote yesterday:

Klark herniated a disc again (T11-L1 – the disc right next to the one that he herniated 8 years ago, which is now calcified) but we caught it earlier this time and got him to the vet well before any complete paralysis/loss of bladder/bowel function.


Tuesday night he was somewhat reluctant to move and I saw him kind of shake a few short times – but not enough that made me think “TAKE TO VET RIGHT NOW” – esp because his appetite was unchecked and urination/defecation completely normal.   This morning, however, his eyes were flooded with pain, he shook uncontrollably, and cried when I picked him up to get him to the vet.   It was all I could do to not lose it.


He’s now resting comfortably full of Dex, tramadol, and prednisone, and he will be confined for 2 weeks at least.   The vet (somewhat new to me) seemed positive about a recovery.


I sure hope he will, and we will do everything we can to help (but we won’t send him to surgery) him pull through again.   If he tells us, however, that he doesn’t want to do this, I will not be selfish, and we will let him go.  (and THEN, I will cry like a baby)


Cross your fingers for him!   We’re trying to remain positive.

Update this morning:
Klark seems to be improving already.   He isn’t paralyzed, so he can stand and walk (gingerly) for urinating/defec., and he holds his head normally again.  He was *pissed* that he didn’t come to bed with us and complained mightily at first.   He was great about barking to let us know he needed to go out – so we took him out at 2 am and 4:30 a.m.   I’m borrowing a large wire crate from a friend w/a GSD to use – right now he is confined in an x-pen (shortened).   We’ve canceled our summer plans and one of us will be with him at all times.

There was a little more, including the offer of a kitten (no thanks!)

Poor old guy, we’re hoping the best for him.

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