Bye, puppies (sniff)

Bittersweet moments.  I am sorry to see them go and I’ll miss their fuzzy little faces.  But I am glad too that they can bring a little happiness and puppy-kisses to others.

First to go of the puppies to the south was Opie.

Ruth Mary and Opie

I know that Tom is sad, but just look at the smiling faces.  Ruth Mary will be an excellent “mom” to Opie.  And she promises to stay in touch.  (p.s. I really enjoyed your visit!)  Ruth Mary is a music teacher in the Nevada City, CA schools.  Opie will love being introduced to the kids.


Second to leave was Archer.

Lindsey and Mason – now Archer

Lindsey lives in Chico, where she works for Chico State.  Archer is going to be a show/performance boy.  I have big hopes for him.


Amber and Rosie

This morning Amber and her mom arrived from Pacifica.  Rosie will also have the opportunity to meet many children, as Amber works at a daycare facility.

Son Miles and mom Desiree

Also this morning, Sliver’s new family came to visit. They had never been to Southern Oregon before, so they are taking the day to explore and will pick Sliver up before heading home to Sonoma tomorrow.

Note how carefully Molly is watching the puppies. Once Hannah went home to Spokane, she took over the “mother” role.

Daughter Isabel with Kady and Sliver

And meanwhile, to the north:

Jamie and Hiro

Louie is now Hiro (Japanese, pronounced “Hero”).  His registered name will be C-Myste Baledwr SN I Get Around.  He will live with Jamie and Catherine and his grandma Phoebe (and two c*ts) in Molalla.

Poppy’s new mom is picking her up on Monday.

Summer FKA Quinne will be going to live with Mandy.  No, we couldn’t part with either blue girl; the choice was too hard.

And yet another puppy, FKA Nate, has been on an airplane today.

Do I tell where he went, or do I wait for his new mom to post on her blog?

Stay tuned for the next episode.


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