Kady and Opal

Crisp, cool morning and the dog family stays close.

Ok, so I’m going to brag about my own puppy. This is the quickest, brightest girl with the sunniest personality I have had in I don’t know when. I really missed out by not taking one of the Wally/Hannah pups last time. But I’m glad that I waited . . . Opal news from Ruth Mary:

Opal and very large new friend.

Opal has had an exciting week. She met Dr. Michelle who thought she was a delight and healthy in every way. When we went to pay our bill we met this borzoi. At first I was careful to restrain her, but the owner said she thought it would be fine to let them closer. It was sweet. Our girl is a bold one. The next thing that happened was that someone came through the office with a mop. Opal chased and then jumped onto it! She had the whole office in an uproar. They thought she could become a skateboard dog. Today we went and had a private session with Sandy Self. Sandy is the best trainer I have ever worked with and she has Pems. She adored Opal. Opal can sit, do a down (which is hilarious because sometimes she leaps into the air before hitting the floor) and does well on a leash. I was concerned about her love of rocks. Sandy suggested I coat some rocks with bitter apple, but for the best effect make sure Opal tastes some of it first. We will start puppy classes when Opal’s shots are complete. The biting had become an issue. We solved it. I almost called you last week because Opal will not let me tape her ears. She can get the tape off in seconds. I went back to the vet and had her fitted for a collar. I wait until she is asleep in the evening. She is such a lamb then that I have no trouble taping her ears and putting on the collar. I carry her to her crate and she sleeps the night. This is working. They aren’t perfect, but so improved !

Time to get busy with that training, Kady!

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