A slow day at work, so I’ll take the opportunity for a lunch break.


At home this morning: it looks like a small child lives here.

And this would be her. BTW it is a myth that ears which come up early by themselves will be small. Each one of Kady’s ears is the size of her head.

Fait accompli. Note the puppy box still filled with cedar. It works: they actually use it! We will be replacing it with a somewhat smaller and more weather-proof “dog litter box”.

Late summer looking across the back pasture.

A closup of the pretty yellow (weeds) wildflowers.

Speaking of flowers: last Saturday was our 39th anniversary. Lovely roses, thank you. I think we deserve a big party next year!



Esther sent some new pictures of Tyner, one from home and the second and third from a day at Bandon.


His favorite spot by the creek. It is so weird he always runs over there when I get my camera, silly boy.

Watching a group of flying seagulls, looks like he was wondering how he could do that.

After we has walked from face rock to the lighthouse and back.


It was a beautiful day and I just wanted to share with you what a wonderful dog he is and such a sweet spirit, He is my love and I am thankful each and everyday for him. I was asked this morning ” if you were stranded on a tropical island what two things would you take (no humans)” my answer was my dog and my camera. I didn’t even have to think about it.


Thank you, Esther. That really did lighten the mood of the week. It’s been a hard one, with the loss of Randa’s Scout (Little Dream Scout-It-Out) an of Mandy and Tavia’s Marcy (CH Chaps Baledwr Marcy Playground). It’s so hard to see them getting old and passing on.



And from Hillary and Kevin:


Ned is so bored. There is a new baby in the house (Levi) and nobody will throw the ball for him.



More good news from “cousin” Noelle:



I swabbed Mu & El for DM. Music is N/N and Elvis is A/N.


Seeing my little brown dog in all that pain made me completely stupid: obviously, it wasn’t DM because she wasn’t paralyzed. But because genetic epidemiology is supremely cool and because I want to know what might lie ahead, I ordered the tests. Mu responded well to conservative treatment (though it took a while) and is back to her same old smiling, mouthy self. I haven’t posted pictures of them in a while because I haven’t captured anything worth sharing. Our new pet bunny (Bun Jovi) is particularly fond of Elvis, and I am DYING to get a good picture of them together: total cute overload.com fodder.

Which answers another question: Julie was only a carrier, not at risk/affected.



And another “old dog” update: Jenny on Klark:

Klark is doing great – he was confined for 2 weeks in a huge wire crate in our living room but for toilet duties, on prednisone and a painkiller. He was bright throughout. I knew he was going to be fine after the second day, when he would complain vehemently about being confined if we went into the kitchen. Of course. ; ) Things are changed – no more bed/sofa/any jumping of ANY kind. He is adapting well to this, even sleeping on the floor next to our bed. He is moving as well as he did after the surgery years ago – that is, a bit of deficit, but it doesn’t stop him. We are gradually – VERY gradually – increasing distance on his walks (e.g.: half a block a couple days, then a full block for a few days, then two blocks) and paying close attention to his movement/carriage/demeanor. He has definitely entered grand old dogdom. Thank you for your moral support. I tend to be of the “better a day too early than a day too late” mindset, myself – but I am probably not as objective about my own animals as I should be. I’m so glad he got the chance – apparently this time around we caught it much earlier. A week after Klark “went down” my  gelding sustained a nasty knee laceration in the pasture – fortunately, no joint capsule involvement – just daily care, IM shots, endless stackwraps, and a lot of well-spent $$ to my vets. I am titling this summer “The Summer They all Walked near the Valley of the Shadows.” Buzz is the exception. (he’s doing great but didn’t seem to know what to do with himself while Klark was confined). I hope yours has been much better!! Off to read your blog. I love to check in and see what adventures you’ve been having (and the puppies!).

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