Hiro and Abby

Hiro at 16 weeks


So, do you think he looks more like his daddy Wally or his big brother Captain?  Right now I vote for Wally.


From Catherine:

Here’s a picture of Hiro. I think he’s starting to look a lot like Wally, at least in the face. We’re starting puppy classes next weekend. He’s pretty trainable so far, and now that we built a ramp to the dog run he’s good about going outside unless it’s dark. We’ve been letting him lie on the bed before we go to sleep, and when he’s ready to sleep he gets down and goes into his crate and waits for us to come close the door… so cute. I’m still amazed by how much his nose has filled in; I was looking at his six week old picture the other day and it’s such a contrast.


And here are some pictures of Abby, FKA Poppy.


One ear up!


Wanna play?

Watchu want?



And in case you haven’t visited, Megan has a video of Summer at her first fun match on her blog.

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