Kady at Work

“Who, me?”

It’s Saturday. Kady just finished her first handling class and met two Frenchies and two Cockers and several new people. Now we’re at the day-job office. Why, you may ask, are we at the office on a Saturday? That would be because I attempted to update the operating system on the accounting department server last night. After the upgrade, the server would no longer boot. Tom has bailed me out and restored us to the previous patch level and we will not try that again on a 6-year-old (i.e. out-of-date) server. On the wisdom tooth front: anticlimactic. I could have been back to work Tuesday, but since I had scheduled it off anyway I just worked a few hours from home. By Wednesday I was back to work for 9.5 hours with just 2 ibuprofen mid-day. After the first day the top tooth hurt not at all and the bottom not much worse than it bothered me to start with.  Maybe I’ll go ahead and do the other two in a couple of months.

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