Meet the Huxley

Harvest Fair Part Deux. All day Saturday people kept calling Alice a “him”. I decided that I’d better take a real man-dog so that people could see the difference. Note that not many people in the area have seen Cardigans before. Not helping that was the fact that someone was selling a litter of Pembroke puppies over in the barns. I kept hearing “I just saw corgi puppies back in the barn; what are yours mixed with?” Later yesterday afternoon Kady and I sauntered back that way to find the puppies, but apparently they were all sold by then. But we did stop to watch the stockdog trial for a bit, and Kady also saw miniature horses and donkeys. And she met more and more people.

Our little place in the shade

The Cardigan Participants

Three Cardis will fit on one table

A good vantage point for watching the goings-on and the Aussies next door.

Alice and Huxley will stay on the table comfortably. Kady spends much time imitating her elders and is learning quickly.


Gimme gimme some lovin’


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