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I’ve gotten a little behind in projects the last few weeks months.  I’ve been trying to clean up a few loose ends at work and at home in the last few days.  One of those is the package that received (gulp) quite awhile ago from Memphis Tennessee.  I was one of the lucky two to comment first on Debra’s Blog. I didn’t let the dogs open it, but kept it carefully hidden in the guest bedroom until I had time took the time to reciprocate.  Today was the day!  Kady was the lucky first recipient. The toy included in the envelope was an immediate hit.


Kady says “What’s this?!” Bailey is unimpressed.

“Oh, this is a Really Good Toy?”


But then Kady made the mistake of taking it out in the other room. With the other dogs. I hears scuffling and the sound of many toenails on the floor in the hall.


The next thing I knew, the toy was outside with Huxley in his domain. Kady rescued it and took it back inside.


“Hey, that was supposed to be MINE!”


Kady rescued it and took it back inside. At which point Molly said “My Turn!”


“Mom, tell her that she has to share.”

“I’m outa here.”


I’m not the only one who is behind. I bought some new uniform shirts (being allowed to purchase my own after throwing a fit about the $5.00 Walmart shirts) the same day I purchased the next “Paws It On” gifts. Which was now . . . uh . . . 5 weeks ago? Or maybe 6? They were finally sent out to have SOS Man embroidered on them 17 days ago, and they are not back yet.


So now . . . finally . . . the first two people who comment for the next round (leave name and e-mail address) win some Southern Oregon appropriate gifts for their dog(s)!


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