Pins and Needles

Eleven-year-old Music (C-Myste Chaps Heart and Soul) has been having back issues. Noelle had her DNA tested for DM and she came back N/N – clear. The symptoms aren’t consistant with DM, but she wanted to make sure since Music’s dam Julie was a carrier. To find something that helps her girl, Noelle is giving acupuncture a try.


Acupuncturist with Music



From Noelle:


I was deeply skeptical, but it seems to be doing her some good. She’s got some custom corgi booties, too, for her back toes so she doesn’t wear her nails all the way down from knuckling under. Apparently, she is a fantastic patient. The acupuncturist said it’s very unusual for a corgi to just relax and flop the way Mu does.



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