Yes, it’s true. My main man (except for Tom) is six years old today.

How Huxley spends his days:


In his domain

Huxley is spending quite a bit of time on the dog patio when at home. The new neighbors up the hill are quite exciting. They spend a lot of time out on their deck or under the hood of a vehicle with the radio playing either 1) loud country music or 2) loud football games. Huxley has decided that they take serious watching. No, it was not Huxley who ate the siding of the house. That was some other Cardigan (actually I believe it was Kacy).


Molly and Hux by the dog door

The daily cookie

Every day Amy the bank courier comes to visit Huxley. He waits eagerly for her arrival.



After-cookie walk

And after her visit, it is time for a walk. He lets us alternate who goes out with him. Today it was my turn. The days are just packed . . .

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