October is a good month for puppies

It must be. The Deputy/Krissy “Cream” litter (Kayla, Gracie, and all) turn 6 this month. The Hunter/Alice “Bill of Rights” litter turned 3. The Wally/Hannah “Tree” litter is 2 today. And there are the Huxley/Clem puppies born on the 7th and all day yesterday into last night the Chase/Leidy puppies. Do you want to see a truly beautiful dog? Check out this picture that Susan just sent of Lily (originally known as Feather):

C-Myste Baledwr Blessings of Liberty

Of course it is barely possible that I may not be totally objective. Susan wrote:

Lily sends her best to Molly. She celebrated by taking a very long hike in her backyard which is known to other Portlanders as Hoyt Arboretum. Lily takes it all for granted that she has acres upon acres of hiking trails, squirrels and birds right out her back door. Here she is over the weekend and another on the boat this summer.

Lily on the boat

We were traveling on Molly’s birthday, but we stopped off at Harris Beach in Brookings. The dogs love the beach, so a walk there was a great present for her.

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