Things Which Are Cute

Hiro and his grandma Phoebe

Catherine sent these pictures last night with a note:

I was trying to get the dogs to pose for some pictures (of course they were having none of it) and inadvertently took this shot, which I think is kind of awesome. I thought you’d like to see it. Also sending a picture of the chicken house. I noticed you updated Phoebe’s page to say she has four mommies, but I consider myself to be more of a cool aunt than a mommy. ;P Anyway, we got a new couch (leather!); Phoebe went out and by the time she came back in she’d forgotten about it, so she had to bark at it some more.

LOL, that’s our Phoebe! (but I think that Catherine still has to be Hiro’s “mommy”).

Chickens: not so cute when you have to clean the chicken house.

Though I do like eggs.

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