Theme Songs

For the last little while we’ve been dealing with a pompous opinionated rude disruptive influence on Corgi-L.   He has now been relegated to list history and we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Leo N. started a little game on the list to divert attention.  (Thanks, Leo!)  It’s turned out to be some fun, and Tom suggested that I carry it to the blog for those who aren’t on “the big list.”

The challenge is to come up with what the theme song is for each of your dogs.  Some people have used jingles that they have changed the words slightly for (“Nobody does it like Sara Lee”).   I just went with a song to fit each dog’s personality.  So without further ado:


"Take it Easy"


"God Save the Queen"


"The Bitch is Back"


"Fun Fun Fun"

Want to play?

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