Out With the Old Year

Yes, it is that time again: the time for remembrance and retrospection.  It has been a mixed year of losses and gains for our friends; of births and of deaths.  While we may have fared better than most, 2010 is still not a year that I will miss.

The losses have included:

Zipper in January

Porter in March

Fearna in July

Digger in July

Marcy-Bunny in August

Scout in August

Dancer in October

Cookie in October

Klark in October

In addition, tears for:
Megan’s Sidney in October,
Marianne’s Derri this month,
Kathy’s Elbee and Bobbie’s Merlin this week,

And for all of the other losses this year.

But then, there were puppies.

Pilot x Ell puppies in March

Chase x Magic puppies in April

Huxley x Clem puppies in October

Chase x Leidy puppies in October

Chase x Scout puppies in December

And most especially:

Wally x Hannah puppies here at home the end of May

I have always considered 11 to be my lucky number. So here is to a lucky and prosperous Twenty-Eleven to all of us.

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