Introducing . . .

. . . Audrey. Yes, that’s still her name. At first I couldn’t say it without mentally adding “Hepburn”, but I’m getting used to it.  She will have a registered name worthy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Grandma Alice and Granddaughter Audrey

Stormridge All That Glitters at C-Myste

Double Trouble Cousins

Audrey was the duct-tape princess extraordinaire this week and it looks like we just about have ears now. The tape on her little ankle was also assisted with duct tape for a couple of days. She had a thumb which Keith & Jo’s vet didn’t adequately remove. It was a really big honkin’ thumb that stood out, so I decided that now was better than later.

The older pack members have readily accepted their newest relative.

Audrey is the first generation to meld our Julie and our Alice lines.  She is the great-great-great granddaughter of our original foundation bitch Jawoo as well as being Alice’s granddaughter.

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