Brothers: Herding in Texas Day Two

I am so proud of these two boys. First, Chase had a great sheep run. He ended up with a fourth qualifying started leg and a fifth-place ribbon in the class, plus a second day as high-scoring Cardigan champion.

Chase getting his pre-run wetdown. Texas is hot.

The start of his outrun

Beauty in motion.


Pilot went to the conformation show. He made the cut in breed and then came to the trial to see if he would like to play with sheep.

Pilot chillin' with his Mandy mom

Does Pilot have instinct?

Let's see.

While the tester talked about Pilot . . .

Pilot went around and around and around with the sheep

I was stunned with how great he did. The tester was raving about Pilot’s native ability, his structure, and his beauty. Then Dixie told her that in fact he is currently #1 in the breed. Isn’t it great to have dogs that can do what they were originally bred for and be sound and beautiful too?

Thanks to Penni for the video of his run.

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