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I don’t have too many pictures as the lighting in the room is not making my little camera happy.  I am hoping that Mandy got some better shots and will share.  And I’m hoping that she got some of Rip in the Ring.

Lani let me show Rip both yesterday for sweeps and today in the regular classes.  For those who don’t follow the blogs or know the whole family, Rip is C-Myste Baledwr SN Surfin’ USA.  He was one of the two pretty black boys from last year’s litter.   Yesterday we placed 3rd in the sweeps class.  It should have been second but Rip blew it the last time around when he decided to bounce at the other dogs instead of trotting.  Mind you: he has only been out to two shows on one weekend before, so he is still in training mode.  Today he behaved better even when one of the big plywood Texas Boots fell down outside the ring and kept his second.  Both days the first place in the class went to Toshay Coedwig’s Dirty Martini.  The second-place-Wednesday/third-place-Thursday winner was litter brother Toshay’s Smooth and Smoky.  Interestingly enough, Rip’s previous show experience had Smooth and Smoky (sorry, don’t know his call name) winning one day and Rip the other.   Lani didn’t realize that the two boys are cousins on both sides, so it’s all in the family.   The Toshay dog’s sire is Rocky (Carbon grandson) and Rip’s is Wally (Carbon son).  Their dams are half-sisters, both sired by TM (CH Shadowalk Trademark).

Tomorrow it will be the girls’ turn.  Léo is here with Huxley/Kayla daughter Rogue, and Chase’s daughters Allie and Nikki are here.  Nikki won the 12-15 puppy bitch class in sweeps yesterday.

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday.  I apologize for the quality.

Pilot on the table with Dixie in the Megan. Shelly was judging.

I was very happy and proud that both brothers made the cut in brindle males, and then that Chase went on to take Best Brindle Male. But then Lauren who handled Chase had to fly out before the final round. She’s a college student and had an exam Wednesday that she couldn’t get out of. She will be back on Saturday.

Dixie filled in with Chase in Megan finals.

Boys in the final Megan lineup.

This one’s for Megan:

CH Sisterwood's Winsome Will (Kimi-Willow's sire) as an old dog.

In other family news: Chase was first place in herding-titled dogs today so will show again on Saturday. Rocky was first place stud dog; Rip met Bobbin while waiting for pictures and said “You look like me!” Hunter was second place in stud dog with Chase and Dolly as get.

For those who are interested, results and some video clips from the show are posted at

I want Lani and Pete to move back to the northwest soon so that I can see my grandson Rip more often. I’ll just have to get Catherine out to some show with brother Hiro very soon.

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