Idaho is Good

I pay all of this money for pictures, you’d think think that I could at least get them scanned and posted. Geesh! Well, better late than never. Here are Pilot’s pictures from Lewiston last month. Four days, four shows, four group placements.

Group III

Another Group III


Pilot's first Group I!

And he finished the circuit with a Group II

Yes, he is unfortunately a little over-stretched in the rear for his important Group I photo. We have had better luck with some photographers than with others. They have their names proudly displayed on their signs, so you can judge for yourself. These photos were untouched by photoshop except for resizing for the blog. I did make them clickable for a larger image this time around.

It was at Lewiston last year that Pilot’s daughter Lucy took her first major. And her second major was also in Idaho: today in Coeur d’Alene. Lucy is 5 for 5 wins in her last shows and now needs just a single point to finish. And tomorrow is another day. Go Lucy!

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