Just another weekend . . .

I started the weekend out by taking Audrey and Kady to handling class, where we met up with Michelle and Copper. I had the best intentions of getting stacked pictures of the youngsters. And actually I did get pictures, but the auto focus on the camera quit working. I thought that the camera was toast but this morning after going into the settings, deleting all on the card, and pushing “save” every place I found, it started working again. I know: it’s magic.

Kady – 11.5 months

Audrey – yes she is butt-high right now

Audrey’s brother Copper

I promise some non-fuzzy pictures next weekend.

While we were playing (and working doing A/P update installations and going to the theater in Ashland) others were upholding the family honor at the shows. We have three new titles to report this week along with some other winning:

Rogue is now CHAMPION Toreth C-Myste Rollin’ on the River.  Rogue is Huxley x Kayla,  half-sister to Audrey and Copper.  She is Huxley’s first to finish.

From the Durango shows, Holmes is now CHAMPION C-Myste The Game’s Afoot at Elyan.  Holmes is Chase x Phoebe –  Chase’s first and Phoebe’s fourth champion.

On the performance front Kady’s older brother Sage is now C-Myste Baledwr Redwood Sunrise RN.  We are very proud of the progress he has recently made.

In other results: Huxley daughter Ava (Ebonwald’s A Blessed Pirate Queen) was WB both days in Oshkosh with her first Best of Breed win on Saturday.  She now has eight points with one major.

And last but not least our Pilot was in Lynden, WA at the Mt Baker Kennel Club shows.  Best of Breed both days, Group IV on Saturday and (drumroll) his second Group I on Sunday!  Thank you, Dixie.

On a sadder note, our hearts go out to Tavia and family today.  Wally’s brother Cosmo was rushed to the emergency vet last night.  He was found to have an abdomen full of fluid and a large tumor near his spleen.  We are keeping them in our thoughts today.






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