Spring pictures

Ellie and Kathy visited a couple of weeks ago and snapped some pictures of “the kids”.  I’m very grateful that they have shared as I have been somewhat remiss of late.  Audrey especially has been woefully neglected.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Audrey - 6.5 months

Kady - 10.5 months

Molly in her favorite position: my lap

Have I mentioned that Molly is now the smallest of the girls?  She is pleased as she always wanted to be the forever-puppy.

Kady and Audrey

And Molly

And Kady and Audrey again

The entire little dog pack: (left to right) Alice, Kady, Molly, Huxley, Audrey.

Audrey "Can't we go out and run some more?"


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