Dog Show Score

For a change, I got to be on hand to see Pilot (and Dixie) in the group ring today.

See, Dixie: I was way back there where Pilot wouldn’t see me.  But I was able to lift my camera and zoom it in to get some pictures of Pilot in the ring.

Just chillin' with his buddy.

We're up next.


Relaxing on his stand while waiting for his Group IV photo.

And Kady made a different kind of score today. She has had this little problem with one of her favorite things on earth.

It has become a very little, tiny problem.  And we have looked and looked in stores all over multiple states and have not been able to find a replacement.  Until today at the show.

Not only a replacement Brontosaurus but a Stegosaurus as well!

Kady is so happy . . .


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