Kady’s Not Pointless Any More

I have been neglecting my blog dreadfully for the last week. I’m going to steal a few minutes to make up for it. Kady’s big news from Ferndale last weekend:

Four points!

Thank you to Denise for taking pictures and video in the ring. It’s so nice to be able to see what the dogs look like from outside.   We have a few things to work on. Things like getting rid of the automatic sit and the barking at big scary dogs. We spent today’s handling class between a Dobe and a Rhodesian Ridgeback and practiced “stand”. And “stand” some more. I think that she just about has it. My goal is to have Kady ready for Rally Novice by this fall. And maybe even to finish her some time. As for why my blog has been so forlornly neglected: check out the changes on the Northwest Cardigans web site.

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