Pictures, Pictures, and . . . . . . . . Picture?

Geesh, the pictures of Pilot are going to break me! I know, I know, everyone should have such problems so as my grandfather used to say, “kwitchurbitchen”. But I’m starting to wonder about this.

Right after the Canby show the end of June, I received two sets of Pilot’s pictures from his Group I: one from Steve and one from Meg. I dutifully paid for both, though in this case Steve’s had better color (and I liked Dixie’s smile) so it was the one I used for the Bulletin ad.

On Friday 08/19, nearly two months after the show, I received another single picture from a third photographer. Enclosed was a hand-corrected bill for $16.00 instead of $35.00 for one 8″ x 10″. I don’t remember a third photographer being there, but now that I look at the three pictures I see that it slightly different from the first two sets.

In past times, there have only been a few pictures that I have sent back due to lack of quality. One was (unfortunately) Digger’s finishing picture. The photographers do the work and mail the prints, so I feel that they should be paid for their time and effort. What do other people do when they receive multiple shots of the same win: do they only keep the best and return the also-rans?

It would be so much better if others did it they way Carl used to at Animal World Studios and had the pictures on a website to order.

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