Eugene Show – New Location

No fairgrounds this year, the show was moved to Pioneer Park in Brownsville, about 20 miles north of Eugene. Fortunately there are more trees for grooming under than I thought there might be. Except for out in the ring there was shade.

Satellite view of park, group rings are in the big grassy area.

Herding Group

Pilot ended up with a Group IV. He stood pretty and smiled at the judge but was moving in slow motion in the 95 degree heat.

Calapooia River

Kady and I took a walk between breed and groups. I took these pictures with my phone.

Kady wanted me to come in, but I was still in show clothes.

Now back at “camp”, the girl is exhausted. It was a good day for Kady. Even though she didn’t win, she learned that she could share a setup with Beardies and a Bouvier and live to tell about it.

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