Harvest Fair – RDO day

This weekend was the Jackson County “Harvest Fair” to which we hitch the Southern Oregon Kennel Club Responsible Dog Owners’ Day(s).   Alice went for about a half-day on Saturday, while Molly and Kady spent the entire day both Saturday and Sunday.  Photo credits to Tom.

Saturday started out bright and sunny: warm but not horribly hot.  Saturday afternoon clouds moved in and Sunday was actually cool.

Mollly: "Up just a little higher . . ."

Molly and Kady both love children. Especially small children with sweet, sticky hands.

It was a great experience for Kady, who has new friends. One friend is a 12-year-old Dalmatian.

Another friend is a Doberman Pinscher named Chas. He is just the same age as Kady (15 months) and is already working on his Grand Championship. I was delighted that Kady could enjoy playing with a Big Black Dog.

A third new friend is a 3-year-old Toller boy named “Diggs”. He only came on Sunday and I didn’t get pictures of him.  And then there is a “Big Dog” who has not yet made Kady’s BFF list:  another brindle “Molly”.  This Molly is a 4-year-old Mastiff.   There is still some work ahead of us.






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