September Sunday

And a Sun Day it is.

The smoke has cleared and the sky is a deep blue, offset by the golds and greens of the grass and trees. A mild day on the cusp of autumn.

I had a request for new pictures of Audrey, so after doing some website work and helping to stack a ton of stove pellets I hauled out the camera and went to sit on the lawn with the pack.

Hi Hi, I'm Audrey!

At first it was difficult to get them away from eating pine cones sitting in the shade next to me. But then there came a “cat alert!” in the pasture.

"Look, over there: it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a . . . . CAT!

Molly and Audrey. ¬†And yes, Molly did eat a big hole in her side but it’s growing back now.

Toot, dah dah Doo - Charge!



Audrey would like to be a stock dog please, because they get to jump in water troughs when their run is through. (I did add more water after snapping the picture.)

I also managed a couple of Audrey’s dad Huxley. Ungroomed but still handsome.

A mature man at seven.

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