Alice Loves Kids

Every year in January there is a 4H event at the Jackson County Expo which includes a dog-breed identification test/contest. Last year I took Molly and Kady. This year I decided to take ol’ Alice, who has had a hankering to get away from the house and go somewhere. Last weekend when I took Kady for her rabies shot, Alice about turned herself in knots when I didn’t get a leash out for her, too.

Probably due to her previous life with Jennifer, Alice loves kids.

“Mom, why don’t you get me one of these?”

“Umhp, tall hairy dog.”

The only dog there that Alice was really upset about was the young chocolate Lab sitting next to us. Even with a pinch collar on he was out of control and Al thought it was totally inappropriate.

 “Won’t somebody rub my belly?”

Bestest old Alice girl.

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