Out with Twenty-Eleven

Grandsons Duncan, Fig, and Watson came for a New Year’s Eve party last night. They brought along Alden, Maddie, Ian, and Nelson.

Duncan actually came for the weekend: he was dropped off at the day job office on Friday, came home with me, and stayed until this morning. We discussed it and decided that the old guy would be better off without dealing with steps up and down to the basement and the other dogs at Alden’s uncle’s house.

In old age, he looks amazingly like his mom Julie.

Kady thought Dunc was boring. He didn’t play! She would much rather have kept Fig and Watson.

Everybody really enjoyed the visit last night, but it was hard for kids and dogs to stay awake.

Watson has somehow been given the alternate name of “Snuggle Buns”. How undignified.

Watson and Grandma Alice.

It was a wonderful evening of wine, dungeness crab, dogs, and . . .

Alden even made a (delicious blueberry) pie!

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