Second Verse, Same as the First

The final lineup was the same today in Cardigans. The one placement that was different was Winners Bitch, which I missed reporting yesterday.

Yesterday WB went to Marilyn Van Vleit’s red girl Badagri Red Hot Rumba. She did not show today, and WB was awarded to Debby Berry’s girl Sunshine’s Carbon Blueprint.

Before the Cardigan classes started, I was able to watch Leo in beginner puppy with Bobbin daughter “Thimble”. Let’s see, Thimble would be a great great great great great granddaughter of ol’ Jawoowoo.

Some of my pictures are still pretty fuzzy, I’m afraid. I’m deciding whether to spring for a new camera before Westminster next month. ¬†But the low inside light is always a little difficult with a point-and-shoot.

It looked for a few minutes like Thimble was going to garner a Group I, though she ended up second at the last minute. She still upheld the honor of the breed.

I promised to get pictures of some more dogs. So here’s a couple of Ranger that aren’t too fuzzy:

And Hiro moving in open dog:

 Shadowalk Vinny Barkarino and Don Grondin.

Hiro and Ranger in Winners Dog. Hiro can shake and move at the same time. Talent.

Pilot looking beautiful in breed with Dixie.

Sherry and Libby (GCH Aubrey’s Tales of Mystery)

Winners Dog and Winners Bitch before their last go-around.

Hiro is now at 11 points. If he can win the next two days . . . and the points hold . . . maybe . . .

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