DNA Test Results

Good news! As expected after Hannah’s pups were born, Pilot is EE and does not carry the dilute “pink” gene. Had there been pink puppies I wouldn’t have needed to test, but I knew that the lack of such was no guarantee of his status.

I tested Hiro and Kady for Fluff, for Pink, and for DM. I knew in advance that they had a very good chance of carrying pink, as both their sire and their dam do. I knew that they wouldn’t be A/A affected for DM, but that each had a 50% chance of being a carrier. And I did not know their fluff status, although I suspect that Hannah is fluff-free like her sire.

Hiro is a carrier of the fluff gene and of the DM gene, but does not carry pink.

Kady won the genetic lottery and is fluff free, DM clear, and does not carry pink.


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