Expanding Lizzie

I do believe . . .

That I have made puppies!  Again.

Lizzie has very quiet and clean heats (i.e. one drop on June 17th that I thought was from her) and didn’t really swell much until the 26th. Captain came to visit on June 22nd.  On the 30th at the Redmond shows he and Lizzie decided that they were wild for each other.  I never saw a tie (and Lizzie did not tie with Pilot her first litter) but I AI’d on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Then Lizzie said that she was so over it.

By the morning of August 2nd, I was doubting myself.  But by the time I got home from work, things were looking up.  Or looking rounder, anyway.

Here’s Lizzie on the morning of August 3rd just before we left .  This would be four weeks plus three days from the middle breeding.

And here’s how she looked on Saturday the 4th at Megan’s:

(and reportedly Lizzie is enjoying having a little girl again.)

And here is how she looked yesterday, 08/10:

I can now safely predict that there are buns in the oven.  I’ll be emailing those who have sent inquiries or applications this weekend.

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