Pretty Poetic Puppies

Introducing . . .

Alcott AKA Allie (blue girl 11 ounces)

Bronte ? (blue girl 9.5 ounces)

Campbell (black boy with bright brindle points 10.9 ounces)

Dunbar (black boy 11.4 ounces)

Emily (black girl 10.2 ounces)

Frost (black girl 12.3 ounces) AKA Little Lizzie

Gilbert (blue boy 11.5 ounces)

Hughes (blue boy 10.9 ounces)

Irwin (black boy w/double collar 12.7 ounces)

You notice how HUGE Lizzie was before the puppies were born?  These were big puppies for a litter of nine: mostly ranging from 10 to 12.5 ounces.  And they are gaining by the minute, thanks to their mom’s generous milk supply.

These pictures were made when they were just over 24 hours old.  Black girl F, i.e. “Little Lizzie” is Isabel’s current favorite.  I admit to a prejudice in favor of Blue girl B.  She’s the one in the bottom row, and Megan needs to get a picture of her “show side” to post.

Registered names will have a Poet/Poem theme, and may or may not be the same as their “baby names”.

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