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Sometimes life (AKA work) intervenes.  And sometimes there is news that is sad to report, as in the last post: Losses and Memories.   To which we add the February losses, both born in 1999.   Run free, C-Myste Oscar Braveheart age 13 1/2.   You are greatly missed.

And CH C-Myste There and Back Again (Bilbo) who had just celebrated his 14th birthday and now lives on in generation after generation.

In both of the recent passings, the question of “when is it time?” arose.   I sent the following links to NY Times articles to Oscar’s “mom” Justine.   I thought it would be beneficial to post them here for anyone who might also be facing the decision and so that I can find them again when I need them.

Deciding when a pet has suffered enough

Weighing the end of life


So as not to be too depressing: we still get happy updates as well.

As I write this, Bilbo has more great-great grandchildren being born to Garrett Ramsey’s Ava.

Here is Wally (grandson of the original) at six months, wishing a happy half-birthday to his brothers and sisters:


Anita recently sent a couple of videos of Huxley daughter Audie, who is learning to stand up for herself against those boys!   I have uploaded them on my blogroll page.


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