Sn*w Daze 2013

Somehow I feel that I’ve missed half a year: the seasons have jumped from late spring to winter with just a jumble between.

It is not often that we are blessed (or cursed) with a “real” snow here in south western Oregon.  But this month we have a snowfall that promises to stay around for days due to the cold temperatures.  I thought that the dogs would be delighted to go out and play in it, but apparently there is only one who is young enough to think that it’s fun.

Dora enjoying the view.  Phoebe is wondering why the heck she stayed here after Thanksgiving.


 View from the front window.


 It’s a good thing our hummingbirds left.




 “Um, mom?  How about that desert trip you promised us?”




 The vehicles are waiting patiently for January.

I changed the blog header picture to one from Catalina State Park near Tucson from last December.  We’ll miss Christmas and New Years there this year but we’ll be there soon.

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