Our week in dogs . . .

Heartbreak.  Rogue lost all ten of the beautiful babies she was carrying.  The only consolation is that Rogue herself is going to be ok.  It was touch-and-go for her on Friday.  Penni also lost her singleton Alice great-grandchild.  Whelping and raising puppies is so difficult and can be emotionally overwhelming.

Rogue (CH Toreth C-Myste Rollin’ on the River)

Our sweet grandma Hannah also came through another medical procedure this week.   Many of you know that she was struck by a vehicle in September of 2012.   Through the support and donations of many friends, she was able to be patched back together.  She has developed a new complication: megacolon.  Mandy will have a lot on her hands caring for Hannah in the future, but hopefully the condition will be controlled with diet and drugs.

553460_726641650679994_1317011494_n 1005854_726641587346667_1163000891_n (1)

You can plainly see the plates and pins from her earlier injury.

I sure hope that the year gets better from here . . .


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