Get your motor runnin’ – Head out on the highway,

Lookin’ for adventure – And whatever comes our way.

Ok, maybe we weren’t truly “Born to be Wild” but that will be our theme song for the next stage of our life.  We are packing up the dogs and heading out in The Rolling Doghouse for parts known and unknown.

Have Thor Palazzo 33.2. Have Jeep.  Have computers.  Have Cardis.  What else do we need?

When I was . . . oh about a sophomore in high school, I read John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” (which was not so much more than hot off the press at the time).  I loved that book and I’ve never totally gotten it out of my mind.  All these years I’ve kept the thought alive that maybe, sometime . . .  I am renaming my blog “Travels with Cardi” in honor of Steinbeck’s original.

Last year was a difficult one for us.  I spent almost all of it ill after suffering from surgical complications for the “fix” to what ailed me.  Coupled with that, we are beginning to lose family, friends, and acquaintances of our own generation.   They say “there’s no time like the present” and then it hits you.  Sometimes the present is all that there is.

We will still have a home base here in Southern Oregon, with our niece Mari and her family as caretakers.  It is bittersweet: we’ve lived in this house for 24 years, since Mandy and Jamie were 14 and 11 respectively.  Over the years, we’ve had Mandy’s horses (Maggie, Cavvy, and a few others), sheep, and pigs as well as a raising a legacy of dogs.  I’ve enjoyed the life but we’ve “done that” and now it’s time for others to be able to enjoy it too.

I’m reformatting this website somewhat.  Dog news will still be listed here, and I will be posting the travel pictures on my blogger site ( which you may also get to by clicking”Travel Blog” on the menu bar above.

We’ll be seeing you down the road!


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