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To Alice on her 84th birthday

Because it seems to me one Cardigan year = six human years rather than the traditional seven.  Which makes 14-year-old Grandma Alice 84 today.

Alice has been “my dog” for the last nine years, minus a short time she spent with Mandy early-on.  I want to have her for a dozen so she needs three more years.  Last week I renewed her Jackson County dog license for another three, and someone on FB said that meant that she has a “contract to fulfill”.  Yes, she does.  Alice has seen a lot of places in her time, but we have many more to visit.


Through most of her life Alice was a strong alpha bitch, though unfortunately not one who did not need to fight to maintain her position.  In the last few months and after a couple of skirmishes, she has abdicated her reign to her granddaughter Dora.  Sometimes she forgets and tries to be the “fun police” and I have to gently remind her that she is now retired.

Alice’s favorite activities are to sleep by my side and to eat and not necessarily in that order.  She has sometimes rated things as “edible” and it turned out to not exactly be the case.  These days she spends more time inside sleeping than outside grazing which makes my life easier.

 Today as every day I give thanks to Jennifer Kramer for allowing Alice to live with me and to all who have or have had her wonderful children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Often I can look into their eyes and see a little spark of Alice inside.

I will love you always, Al.


The Happy Birthday Girl

A very happy birthday to the Beach Boy/Summertime litter starring Kady with supporting cast (in birth order) Hiro, Rip, Archer, Opal, Abby, Summer, Rosie, and Louie.  


With Momma Hannah the morning they were born.

Little did I know on this day four years ago that it was going to be the last C-Myste Cardigan litter born in this house.  It’s bittersweet, but big life changes are coming.


Kady at home with her (half) sister and BFF Dora.


Kady at four.


She watches over me carefully.

 The last year has been a difficult one, and it has made a dramatic change in our relationship.  After surgery last June, I assumed that the bouncy high-flying Kady would be the one who needed to be locked out of the bedroom.  Instead, she flipped an internal switch and became the most gentle, nurturing “nurse”.   She now hates to let me out of her sight, having decided that bad things happen when I go places without her.

And as for the big changes coming?


And she’ll be doing much more of this soon.