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Swedish Vallhund Babies

Here are pictures of Nikki’s babies at one week of age. Bob1 was 6.25 ounces at birth (3/2/07), Bob2 was 8.5 ounces. Today they are 1 lb 1 ounce and 1 lb 4 ounces respectively.

Here’s Bob1. He has white front feet.

And here’s Bob2, who is darker and plainer. And heftier.

They aren’t as pretty as Cardigan puppies, for sure. But look, their ears are already up!

And I didn’t have to do their tails, they came this way:

How are those for some pretty cute tooshes?

Huxley pictures

I have finally have decided that the best way to share more up-to-date pictures is to bite the bullet and start a blog like everybody else has.

Mandy and Henry are still here for a couple of more days. While Tom and Henry finish the fence building, Mandy and I are washing the boys to take some updated pictures of them.

I think he loves me.

Isn’t he the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen? Ok, so perhaps I’m not exactly impartial.