Puppy Cuteness

I was able to visit the puppies for a few minutes on Monday, and the puppy breath is just wearing off. Here are pictures from Megan, made on Thursday.

As you can see, the puppies are gaining more freedom.  And learning about a corgi’s favorite  room in the house: the kitchen!

Megan reports that Frost, the biggest of the puppies, is laid-back like her mom. Dunbar is the one who is always ready to party.

All is edible.

My sincerest apologies for those I have not written back to.  My job got into the way of my life this week.  We took Monday to drive back from Richland (dropping Summer off to Megan and yarn to Richelle on the way).  Then in the remaining four days, I worked a full week (41 hours), had a 2.5 hour kennel club meeting, and don’t forget the hour of commute each day.  Oh, and of course I did take time out to watch the season premier of Dexter (just a few days late!) and some silly debate.

Catch-up time this weekend, before taking off Wednesday to drive down to Palm Springs with mom.