Out With the Old Year

Yes, it is that time again: the time for remembrance and retrospection.  It has been a mixed year of losses and gains for our friends; of births and of deaths.  While we may have fared better than most, 2010 is still not a year that I will miss.

The losses have included:

Zipper in January

Porter in March

Fearna in July

Digger in July

Marcy-Bunny in August

Scout in August

Dancer in October

Cookie in October

Klark in October

In addition, tears for:
Megan’s Sidney in October,
Marianne’s Derri this month,
Kathy’s Elbee and Bobbie’s Merlin this week,

And for all of the other losses this year.

But then, there were puppies.

Pilot x Ell puppies in March

Chase x Magic puppies in April

Huxley x Clem puppies in October

Chase x Leidy puppies in October

Chase x Scout puppies in December

And most especially:

Wally x Hannah puppies here at home the end of May

I have always considered 11 to be my lucky number. So here is to a lucky and prosperous Twenty-Eleven to all of us.

But I always thought that I’d see you again . . .

Digger and Jazz

Just short of two years ago I placed a dog whom I truly loved when his hips didn’t make the grade.  It hurt me to give him up more than any other ever has.  I knew that he had a good home, but it wasn’t with me.  We’ve been to Albuquerque twice since then, but I hadn’t been able to bring myself to visit him.  I had thought that next time we were there, that I would be ready to.  But it is not to be.

Losing old dogs is sad, losing young ones really hurts.  CH C-Myste Baledwr Didgeridoo was lost yesterday from perforations due to rock consumption.

He had acted sick on-and-off, but nothing was found when they took him to the vet.  All kinds of tests were done, but they never did the easiest: an x-ray.

Please, please, please: if your dog is throwing up and drinking what seems like excess water insist on an x-ray.  The fact that waste material is coming out the other end does not mean that s/he hasn’t ingested something which is not edible.  Cardigans seem to have a more-than-average propensity for this hobby.   Sadly we have learned that vets are not always the most savvy when it comes to some basic dog facts.  Or perhaps they picture themselves as an animal Dr House, looking for the strange and esoteric rather than the mundane and common-place.

On a related note: as you know Digger’s mother also shares the non-edible ingestion habit.  I have found that a tablespoon of olive oil in her food works wonders in bringing out the worst in her, as it were.