Fourteen years ago today

December 10th, 1994 I finished my first champion. Julie was 12 months plus 6 days old. Yes, it’s the world’s worst win picture. Since then I have mostly learned how to stack a dog and to have someone else spot for me. And to not look dorkily at the camera (but look how young I was!)

And yes, her topline did improve and at 15 years it is still actually pretty good. Some puppies are high in the butt for a very long time.

Julie earned her first point at the age of 6 months.

Mandy took her to Longview/Kelso in June of 1994. Unfortunately Mandy dropped (as a recall) a chicken soup can and broke her foot so Julie was handled by then 9-year-old Megan Hof. Yes, like her sire Mandy has been somewhat accident-prone.

Looking back at the picture I can’t help but wonder how Megan got that big lug of a puppy onto the table.