A milestone birthday

Then . . .

Remember when she actually had brindle points?

At Louise’s house, December 2001
A graceful leap.


With her third and final litter June 1999

Steen’s Mountain, July 2000

And now . . .

Fifteen years ago, Mandy was 18 and Jamie going-on 15.
Fifteen years ago, I had just started my day job at SOS Alarm.
Fifteen years ago, I had never finished a champion.
Fifteen years ago, there was no corgi-l.
Fifteen years ago, we had 2 Aussies and 4 Pembrokes.
Fifteen years ago, I was much younger too.

I’ve learned a lot since then.

Happy Birthday to the old girl: Da beyootiful Jawoowoo, Joogers, Wonder Log, Woogies, the Ancient One, Julie.

Champion Spyrock Coal Miner’s Daughter, CGC, NAC, ROMs