Cardi Family Updates

From Jenny, with the subject line including “PUPPY ENVY”:

Grandpa Klark

Buzz and Klark

Klark is doing great after the whole dental venture – had several teeth pulled – still eager for carrots. It is obvious now that he is nearly completely deaf: the bright side is that he can’t hear explosions/thunder – no sympathy-terror-ridden July 4th, for the first time in years! We started him on Lubrisyn (oral hyaluronic acid which did wonders for my OTTB – dog version of this) and I don’t hear a lot of popping/cracking any more. Rimadyl is off/on for him. His hind is maybe wonkier than it has been these years after his surgery, but he doesn’t seem to care or be in pain. Buzz is … delightful Buzz, aka Bill’s dog. He’s doing great. You can tell in the picture who we haven’t taught how to beg. (Hint: it’s not the grey one) In other “nature abhors a vacuum” news – after we had to put our 18 yo cat to sleep in March, we’d been waiting for our next cat to show up. Two weeks ago, a cat showed up, alright, after a neighbor witnessed a man kicking the then-pregnant cat, maliciously. Thus, we took in a young mother cat with four 3-day old kittens (now they are 2 weeks old): they’re quarantined in another room until I can have her/them tested for FLK and feline aids – so far, they’re healthy. Klark and Buzz often plant themselves in front of the door – Klark especially. (You don’t want a kitten, do you? ha hah ahahahhahahaha)

(Stacey: Klark is Flirt’s dad, and Buzz is one of her sons)

I have a couple of updates from the Pilot/Ell kids:

From Rich Janeczk in NJ, here’s Brodie:

Cute boy, huh?


And a new blogger on the block:

Scout, FKA Brenner

You can visit him at home on Scout’s Blog.